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Welcome to Monument.​


We're in the business of developing and sharing the world's most meaningful ideas.

There's no limit to what you can get from your involvement with us.

Content designed to change your experience of life

Monument is designed to be your best weapon against living an average life. We aren’t just about giving you tools to improve yourself, or giving you a momentary boost in inspiration that will make you more productive; our content is geared towards having you create yourself in such a way that you become the type of person who will naturally accomplish what you set out to do and get what you want out of life.

A philosophical system built from the ground-up

Some other spaces for men give you a simplified way

of viewing the world. Monument is not about simplicity. Our content doesn’t fit into a tweet. Our theory is built on a philosophical system with a strong foundation. There’s a fair bit greater amount of reading involved compared to other self-development communities, but our conviction is that this will result in greater insights and greater personal breakthroughs for our members.

Our content is more extensive than other communities

because we tend to emphasize intellectual rigor and

argumentative clarity - possibly making Monument

slightly less appealing to men who just want to casually

consume a bit of self-development content here-and-there, and more appealing to men who have a genuine interest in complex ideas and want to make a real commitment to themselves.

A Message from the Founder

2020 was a hard year for most of us but my 

problems started a long time ago.

I grew up an emotionally stunted man.

Immature, insecure. I never had a stable sense of

self-esteem and put others down around me just to feel

better about myself. I went from being completely emotionally

dependent on women from an early age to shamelessly and compulsively pursuing casual sex and cheap intimacy in my twenties. I went through the motions and lived life on autopilot while the years that could’ve been my best slowly passed me by forever. Then my life came to a crashing halt when I hit a wall in 2017.

The silver lining to finally hitting rock bottom is that you get to reinvent yourself from scratch without risking anything. It's when I almost gave up on life entirely that I was introduced to the ideas that would make me want more out of life than ever before.

Monument was born out of a desire to share with others ideas that I wish someone had shared with me a long time ago. The more you engage with them, the more you’ll see the value they can bring to your life. Join Monument and see what we have to offer. Our community can be the first step towards cementing a better future for yourself.



A place that will actually challenge you

Some places are filled with like-minded individuals, sometimes intentionally so - most communities spring up as a result of shared views or interests. You can find like-minded people who will agree with you almost anywhere on the Internet. Monument favors exchange over homogeneity. We’re founded in opposition to communities that favor group-think. We’re here to learn and grow, not to form another echo chamber. Members are encouraged and expected to critically engage with the content and with each other. Our commitment to non-judgement means you will never be excluded or shunned based on your opinions or beliefs.

A place you can make friends and be yourself

Personal growth and development don’t happen unless you have personal breakthroughs that are accompanied by real cognitive and behavioral change. Having a community of people around you is the best way to ensure that the breakthroughs you get will last in the long-run.

Making new friends can be hard, especially if you’re past the age of college and the boundaries of your social circles are pretty rigid. Unlike typical social media, Monument is one of the best places to actually connect with new people. Instead of having a community purely based on ‘likes’ and comments, we offer social nights and events such as: video hangouts, chess groups, online multiplayer games, focused discussion groups, reading groups, and more. Later, we’ll be organizing in-person events and meetups.

Foundational Theory

Foundational Theory : The Frameworks


Monument is founded on developing and cultivating the freedom to create yourself.

Read our foundational theory posts and you’ll understand fully how this works.


A Framework of Human Nature

A Framework of Human Freedom


Our theory is what sets us apart from all other online content and communities.

Our reading and theory content is more extensive than other communities, but you won't find a more comprehensive and insightful account of human nature and freedom anywhere else. Our unique philosophy lays the groundwork for delivering the ideas that give you the best possible understanding of: people; yourself; what it means to be free; what it takes to get the most out of life; and what it takes to create or permanently change any aspect of yourself.

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Monument Curriculum

The Monument Curriculum


On top of being part of a vibrant community and enjoying our theory content, you get to take part in our curriculum designed to have you practice and master skills that will…


  • Transform your relationships

  • Alter the way people perceive you

  • Empower you to fulfill your goals and ambitions

  • Increase your enjoyment of life and sense of well-being


The Monument self-development curriculum is free for all members and is intended to act as a complement to our theory and is organized along three broad categories of competencies, all of which are intended to produce distinct outcomes.


The three categories of competencies are: Integrity, Relationship to Yourself, and Relationship to Others. Each competency has five levels. When you’ve mastered one level, a community leader shares the next level, which you practice until you’re ready to proceed to the next, until you reach the fifth and final level. The curriculum is designed to have you reach its intended outcomes by completing and continually practicing all five levels of each competency.


Learn more about these in the Guest Section of our Forum.

Three Groups

Stop settling for what you have.


Monument is for anyone who wants... 

  • Better relationships with others

  • A better relationship to themselves

  • A greater sense of freedom

  • A greater feeling of control over outcomes in their life


Through your involvement as a member, you can also expect to get...

  • A real sense of being wanted and genuinely appreciated by others

  • Greater confidence in yourself and your capabilities

  • A greater sense of getting the most you possibly can out of life

Blog Post System
What You Get

Want to join? Membership is available and affordable for everyone.


To get to know our members better, we ask that they go through a simple application process. Having this in place means we get members who share a baseline commitment to our ideas and leads to a stronger community in the long-run. Your responses are strictly confidential and no one will be rejected on the basis of their answers.


The first 50 people to schedule an Intake Questionnaire will have free lifetime membership. After that point, the cost of membership is a flat 5 dollars a month (taxes included), and you can easily cancel at any time.

INCLUDED IN MEMBERSHIP (5$CAD/month - no taxes)


The first 50 members of Monument will receive free membership for life. After that point, Monument's features and community will be available for $5CAD/month, tax included.


  • Access to our Forum

Most of our members will be active on our Forum, where you'll find discussions about our content, info about our programs, and answers to all your questions.

  • Access to our Discord and Subreddit

Members have access to game nights on Discord, as well as audio and video hangouts, and to our Subreddit, where you'll find networking opportunities, personal shares, links and discussions about external self-development content, and more.

  • Live chat with other members

Make connections with new people and start your own friend groups and discussions.

  • Access to our programs

Our Accountability and Peer-Support programs help you fulfill your personal commitments and overcome obstacles. Get paired and connect with people who are either committed to the same goal as you or have faced similar challenges in the past. Visit the Guest Section of the Forum to learn more about our present and future programs.

  • In-Person Meetups

When possible, social events will take place in cities with enough members. Some of our programs will also eventually have in-person meetings, such as our Peer Support Program.


To schedule an Intake Questionnaire, click [here].


Have any questions? Use our live chat feature to send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


An International Fellowship

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