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Live Your Best Possible Life.


Be part of a new experiment, and a budding community.

Membership is available to all who agree to abide by our Code of Conduct and who pass a simple application process.


To uphold a high community standard, we want to make sure our members share a common baseline commitment to self-development and exchange. This ensures we spend less time dealing with internal issues and allows us to have more focused content.


Becoming a member is a little more demanding than simply registering. To get to know you better as a person, we ask that you answer a simple questionnaire during a video call with a community leader (approx. 30-45 mins).


There are no right or wrong answers. The questions will be about your past experiences and your current life situation. Your answers to these questions are strictly confidential, and will never be shared with anyone outside of the executive team.


Applicants are not required to share more details than they are comfortable with, but are encouraged to share openly.

Interested in becoming a member? Read our About page if you haven’t already.

Monument's first 50 members get free lifetime membership - and will also have a shorter pathway to future leadership roles



Membership (5$CAD/month)

  • Access to the Forum

  • Access to Discord and Subreddit

  • Live Chat with other members

  • Access to our Programs

  • In-Person Events and Meetups

See details below

Monument's first 50 members will get free lifetime membership


Step 1. Register an account:

(For Community purposes, we ask that you register using your first name and at least the first letter of your last name - the rest is up to you)

Step 2. Schedule a Membership Interview

(From your profile, you'll be able to either cancel or reschedule)​​

To schedule a Membership Interview, click here ->

Step 3. Make sure to read the following:

  • About page

  • Code of Conduct (Policies)

  • Featured Blog Posts (within first month of membership)

    • A Framework of Human Nature​

    • A Framework of Human Freedom


All members are required to read and follow the Code of Conduct


Monument is founded on a principle of radical inclusivity. What that means is: every man who follows the Code of Conduct can become a member, regardless of identity, views, or political affiliation. It also means that members are expected to uphold this principle in all their interactions with other members, either online or during in-person events.

Members are expected to engage with the community at least once a week.


For most members, engagement will take the form of being active on our Forum or Subreddit, either by interacting with other members or responding to a blog post. The minimum time commitment for community engagement is estimated to be 20 minutes/week. Reading and responding to a post is estimated to take at least 20-40 minutes.

To schedule a Membership Interview, click here ->





The first 50 members of Monument will receive free membership for life. After that point, Monument's features and community will be available for $5CAD/month, tax included.


  • Access to our Forum

Most of our members will be active on our Forum, where you'll find discussions about our content, info about our programs, and answers to all your questions.

  • Access to our Discord and Subreddit

Members have access to game nights on Discord, as well as audio and video hangouts, and to our Subreddit, where you'll find networking opportunities, personal shares, links and discussions about external self-development content, and more.


  • Live chat with other members


Make connections with new people and start your own friend groups and discussions.

  • Access to our programs


Our Accountability and Peer-Support programs help you fulfill your personal commitments and overcome obstacles. Get paired and connect with people who are either committed to the same goal as you or have faced similar challenges in the past. Visit the Guest Section of the Forum to learn more about our present and future programs.

  • In-Person Meetups

When possible, social events will take place in cities with enough members. Some of our programs will also eventually have in-person meetings, such as our Peer Support Program and Workout Program.


All of this and more for only 5$CAD/month (no taxes). Be among our first members and get free lifetime membership - even if the price ever increases.

To schedule a Membership Interview, click here ->

Many old greek columns with reflection.j

An International Fellowship

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