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Code of Conduct

(updated 01/21)

1. Values and Principles


Monument (hereinafter “the organization”) is founded on the idea that we stand to benefit from congregating with fellow men from all walks of life, but this idea comes hand-in-hand with the recognition that most of us are not routinely called upon to interact with people with whom we have fundamental disagreements. Monument is an unusual experiment, and it requires the cultivation of behaviors and efforts that are not normally expected in day-to-day interactions. On top of the basic principles of mutual respect and civility, Monument is founded on the values of empathy, non-judgement, and solidarity among members. This Code of Conduct (hereinafter “the Code”) is derived from our commitment to maintaining an environment where these values and principles are upheld by all.


2. Who the Code of Conduct Applies To


This Code applies to all Monument Members (hereinafter “members”). All members are to abide by it as a condition for their continued involvement in any and all Monument activities. The Code also applies to all non-members who are invited to take part in any Monument activity or are called upon to represent Monument.


3. Where and When the Code of Conduct Applies


The Code of Conduct applies to online interactions; in-person meetings; video meetings; and program-related meetings or events. The Code also contains a special section covering additional behavioral expectations during social events. Members are to consider themselves representatives of Monument during all in-person events and meetings, and are expected to never conduct themselves in such a way as to tarnish or damage the reputation of the organization.


4. All members agree to…


i. Never discriminate against another member, or any other person involved with the organization, on the basis of sex, gender, religion, bodily capability, race or ethnicity

Monument does not discriminate on the basis of personal attribute for its membership. As such, in their involvement with the organization, members will inevitably be called upon to interact with persons with whom they do not normally associate. For the sake of maintaining an inclusive and healthy community, all members agree, to the best of their ability, to never treat other members differently on the basis of the above characteristics.


ii. Avoid discussing politics outside of explicitly political discussions, and never discriminate on the basis of political opinion or affiliation, so long as that political opinion or affiliation does not directly violate the first rule


Members will have the opportunity to debate and discuss politics during certain events and in certain areas of the Forum, but otherwise they are asked to (1) avoid discussing politics outside of the specified contexts in which they are invited to do so, and (2) not to judge other members on the basis of their political leanings. Any member who believes another member’s political opinion or affiliation does violate the first rule is called upon to clearly argue their case in a calm and composed manner, and never to be dismissive of another member on the basis of fundamental disagreement.


iii. Never insult or personally attack another member


All members are called upon to keep the focus of discussion on ideas, not individuals. No matter how heated the debate, or how fervent the disagreement, all members agree never to resort to insult or personal attack in their interactions with other members, online or in-person.


iv. Avoid prejudice and sweeping generalizations


All members are called upon to never make low-effort comments that clearly involve prejudice or sweeping generalizations in the interactions with other members in any and all Monument activities. These can include, but are not limited to, making truth claims about particular groups of people or using anecdotal evidence to make generalizations.


v. Respect the privacy of all other members


Through their involvement in Monument activities, members will inevitably be exposed to private and sensitive information concerning other members. All members agree never to discuss the private affairs of any other member with anyone outside of the organization, with anyone, and also agree to never gossip and never discuss the private affairs of members behind their back.


5. Social Events


The understanding that members are representatives of the organization extends to all social events. Members are expected to never conduct themselves in such a way as to tarnish or damage the reputation of the organization. All members agree to take personal responsibility for their consumption of alcohol and other intoxicants during social events, and to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful and mindful of the space and people around them. Members also agree to never engage in undignified or illegal behavior in a public setting.


6. Penalties for Violating the Code of Conduct

Any person who violates the Code will be reprimanded in a manner commensurate with the severity of the violation, according to the judgement of community leaders. Though these judgements will tend to err on the side of leniency, any egregious or repeated violations will result in a ban from all Monument activities. To appeal a decision of the community leaders, members should email with the subject line “Appeal”, and state why the judgement should be modified.


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